Title:  Poems & Stories of Loving Grace
Subtitle:  Lifelong Reflections
Author:  Byron A. Reinheimer
Date of Publication: 8-31-2011
Format:  PB     Pages:  80
ISBN13:  9781618051004
List Price:  $14.95

An octogenarian, the author, Byron A. Reinheimer, has a singular focus and motivation these days to leave a legacy of poems and stories which honor and glorify the Lord, Jesus Christ.  He prays daily that many will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus, perhaps stirred by his poems and stories.

Although he retired long ago from a career in insurance sales and financial planning, Byron Reinheimer seized the Gospel in his heart, securely rests in knowing, embracing and living in the blessings of  God’s loving grace.  His ministry is supporting others through prayer and exhortation in their pursuit of God’s heart just as his poems and short stories convey.  He has become a prayer warrior for human conversion and divine intercession.

Today, a humble man, who has known worldly heights and valleys, seeks only to share his personal blessings of peace and joy with others through his writings.  With a conviction that only God inspires, Byron believes that this a book may be used by God’s directing hands in bringing men and women to liberty in Christ — that  the reader be saved forever in Christ, Jesus, if not already, and commit daily to live as boldly as His ambassador of light and truth in this age.


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