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The First Book of Wit and Wisdom

Title:  The First Book of Wit and Wisdom
Author:  Basil Jackson, MD, JD, PhD
Date of Publication:  2005
Format:  PB     Pages:  190
ISBN:  9781412044264
List Price:  $15.95

“This book is a record of those sayings, epigrams and crumbs of wisdom, which I have been fortunate enough to express in lectures, conferences and sermons over the years. In addition I have absorbed many of the words of wisdom expressed by others at whose feet I have had the privilege to sit and whose thoughts the written page I have submerged.

Many of these nuggets could well be expanded into a tome in its own right and my hope is that they be found useful in illuminating the teaching and communications of others.”



Title:  Easy Reading – Book One:  Galatians
Subtitle:  Paul’s Letter to the Christians in Galatia
Author:  Basil Jackson, MD, JD, PhD
Date of Publication:  1-1-2011
Format:  PB     Pages:  86
ISBN:  Pending
List Price:  $14.95

     The first book in a series of paraphrastic and expanded translations of the canon of Epistles written by Paul.  Jackson offers a lifetime of insights into the context of Paul’s writings, while filling-in are presented elsewhere in the Scriptures.  Without the post-modern tradition of imagination or use of extra-biblical inductions, Jackson presents a thorough verse-by-verse translation of Paul’s letter to the Galatians using contemporary English language, nuances and cliches.  Jackson’s translation is published side-by-side the English translation of J.N. Darby.

Galatians 1:19
However, I did not see a single one of the other Apostles (that is, Jesus’ original disciples, minus Judas Iscariot), with the exception of James, the brother of our Lord.  This was a very short visit and the Council of Apostles was not even convened.

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